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Fake news Arab style....

The crisis in the Gulf between Qatar and its neighbours is into its third month and sees no sign of easing.  Indeed the war of words is ramping up and the metaphorical knives are being twisted ever more deeply in this vengeful 'Game of Thrones'.

While Qatar's neighbours squeeze the country harder, continuing their sanctions and break in relations, Saudi Arabia and the UAE in particular have added to this with a campaign of false news stories and bizarre threats.

Al Arabia, Saudi Arabia's national TV network last week showed an animated video of a Qatar Airways plane being brought down by a Saudi military jet, in an effort to justify that the Kingdom would be within their rights "under International Law" to shoot an aircraft out of the sky if it strayed into their air space without permission.

In the video, which you can see here on Reuters news agency website,  the Qatar Airways livery is clearly visible in what appears to be a direct threat to the world'…