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War in Yemen is 2 years old - Who would know?

26th March marks the beginning of the 3rd year of the war in Yemen - the day on which Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Gulf and African nations, intervened in a civil war in the country between the Iranian backed Houthi rebels (a tribal faction from the North of the country) and the rest (an amalgamation of government troops under President Hadi and young men allied to the Southern Movement).

This war with seemingly no end in sight, has disappeared from view to the outside world.  Out-miseried by the atrocities in Syria and Iraq and of course outranked by events in Europe of late, most recently the attack on Westminster Bridge in London.

But what many don't seem to understand or want to discuss is that these events are all interrelated.  Considering Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East, it might be a surprise to know that the UK and US are making a nice tidy sum out of it.

A recent Amnesty International report states "the USA and UK combined have made arms transfe…